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About Us

Kelsall’s brand new Medical Centre will open in March 2022 and include an exciting new resource for all residents of the village and surrounding areas – The Wellbeing Hub.

Completely funded and run by the community the project was initiated when Kelsall doctors saw an increase in a number of social impacts affecting the health of their patients. They identified the need for a dedicated space where local residents of all ages could meet and access a range of support activities to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Patent Participation Group (PPG) successfully raised the initial £130,000 to fund the construction which is now underway just off the village green. As the building takes shape further consultation with the community will take place to fully understand the area’s particular social needs. A network of partner organisations will then be identified who, together with a team of local volunteers, will provide access to a full and extensive range of services designed to help everyone lead healthier, happier and longer lives.

Registered Charity Number 1184517

Who is it for?

The Hub is for residents of Kelsall and surrounding villages. For all ages, from young to old, from those who are active and those who want to get more active, for those who need a little help, and for those who want to help others


Last year the Kelsall PPG made an application to the National Lottery Community Fund. If successful, the money would be granted for the specific purpose of employing a part-time manager, only, for the first three years of the Hub’s operation.

Just before Christmas we were informed that our application for £44,000 had been successful. 

The Community Fund supports projects “that work to make positive changes in a community.”


The National Lottery is very demanding in the way that it must be convinced that there is a need for the project, that the project will be well managed, viable and sustainable, and that it will deliver significant benefits to the community in which it operates. 


To have come successfully through this process now provides us with critical external validation that we are on the right track with our plans for the Hub. The feedback that we received was that ours was a very strong application.


We can now confirm that the recruitment of a part time Hub Manager began in January with a view to having the successful applicant on board in March.


Initially we are planning for 25 hours per week, which will involve working closely with volunteers and coordinating their efforts, together with developing the range of support that is to be offered in the Hub, looking after the administration and maximising the utilisation of the available space.



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We are delighted with this very welcome news!

Upcoming Events


3rd April

Starting 8pm

Monthly Quiz


Chester Road


Come along and join in the fun.  Only £5.00 per entry

Opening June 2022

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